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When I was a very young kid I used to dream all the time. I used to dream of stuff like being an inventor or a scientist. I took things apart just to figure out how they worked. Later on I dreamed of being rich and owning my own company. My dream was to own my own company and never work for anyone. Well, somewhere along the way that part of the dream got a little sidetracked. Eventually I founded my own company with loyal employees. That company just happened to be on the wrong side of the law. Satan was my CEO and all my employees were hired straight off the streets of my gang infested neighborhood. That business turned into a nightmare destined for hell. Several years later, a few stints in prison and five gunshots sent me back to the drawing board.

In April of ’07 I started dreaming again. I dreamed of becoming a writer. I fell asleep every single night dreaming about how good it was going to feel once I finished writing my very first book. I dreamed about how the words I wrote would affect my readers. I dreamed of the day my first printed book would come to me through the mail. I dreamed about the very first time I’d autograph my first book at my very first book signing. I thought about what I’d say in that autograph. I decided on “Keep God first and the rest will follow.” Every single book that I’ve ever autographed has that quote in it. Even though it was rough, I didn’t mind selling books out of the trunk of my car. My Faith in God was too strong to let me give up on my dream.

Then I started dreaming of getting a literary agent. It wasn’t long before that part manifested. That confirmation only fueled the next phase of my dreams. I started dreaming about landing a deal with a major publisher. This dream was so real that I could taste it. I came to the conclusion that dreaming, visualization, confidence, and prayer went hand in hand. Landing that contract with Brown Girls Publishing was the next confirmation that set me on fire. Now my dreams are so real and very vivid. I now dream of becoming a very famous writer with a huge following. I see myself in a theater watching my books being turned into movies. I can see the reactions of the people sitting next to me as they watch in awe. I see myself being just as humble as I am this very minute. I owe everything that’s happened to me to my Lord and Savior. I know for a fact that He’s guiding my every step.

I still go to that very same spot down by the beach in Playa Vista to daydream and meditate just as I did as a child and a young thug. I can honestly tell you that dreaming does work. Yes, I’m a dreamer and I’d rather dream and fail than to not dream and give up trying.

Thank you Jesus!

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