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I took a moment today to reflect on my past. I used to be public enemy #1. I’ve committed some serious crimes against harmless, innocent citizens. I still can’t believe some of the stuff I did. I must’ve been crazy. I was pistol whipping and robbing people at 16 years old.

That was just the beginning of my criminal career. But it all caught up with me and I almost paid the ultimate cost. I also took a long look at my current life. Redemption was the only goal I had in mind the day I decided to write my book.

I had no clue just how hard it was going to be, but I was ready for whatever. What a journey it has been. I made the decision to quit hustling. I was always a few days from being homeless after that. Times got so hard for me. I’ve slept on friends’ floors, couches, as well as hotels and motels. But I always had my computer with me and I never stopped writing.

Most thought I’d never make it this far because they were too busy judging me by my past. But their opinion of me didn’t matter. God’s knowledge of my true heart outweighed their doubt of my past. As a matter of fact, they’re probably reading this post right now. I thank them. They’re hating only motivated me.

The people that were the closest to me are the ones that caused me the most pain. I’ve never seen people go so far out their way to try and make my life miserable. I’ve accepted the fact that God’s plan is in full effect. I’ve just been elevated to the next exciting level of my writing career. I’ve surrounded myself with all the right people. Success is so close I can taste it. Something amazing is happening in my life…it feels so good and I’m just getting started. To the few that have supported me from the start, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m living a dream and God is now showing me favor in spite of all my past sins. THANK YOU JESUS!

PS. Don’t blink!!!!!

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