You Can't Silence My Heart

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How can something that’s supposed to feel so good hurt so bad? The last 2 weeks have carried the biggest test of my faith. My heart has been wounded beyond repair. There’s a dark cloud looming over me, and my mind is in complete turmoil.

I’ve been down this path many times in my life, and I’m becoming numb to the pain. The devil has tried to silence my heart many times before. It stopped beating 3 times on the operating table one fatal night back in 1996, but God kept sending me back to fight.

My heart is the key to everything. It’s what allows me to give back and express my deep appreciation for life. It’s resilient! I follow my heart to make all my decisions. God has revealed some things to me that hurt dearly, but two days later He turns right around and blesses me beyond my wildest dreams. I’m starting to get it now: the more successful I become, the bigger the trials.

I’ll continue to stand on His word and promise. He’s already performed a miracle on me, and I don’t need any more confirmation than that. Yeah, the devil has my heart in a vise right now. I can feel him turning it slowly…but it won’t work. My faith is too great. I truly believe in what I’m doing as I put on extra armor. It’s only a matter of time before I claim victory once again. I’m ready for the next battle, so come on with it! My heart and my faith are all that I have and all that I need.

There’s just no way I’m gonna let the devil silence my heart!

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