G Man: The Education of a Criminal


(Also published as Growing Up Gangster

The Rise, Fall and Redemption of a Notorious Hustler)


Real life is better than fiction and this book is no different. You are taken on a journey through the eyes of a person who went from a boy scout to a man and deals with all that falls in between, without the help of the one person who possibly could have changed his story. His father. At the end of this book you will appreciate the bravery Greg had to tell his story through his eyes and from his point of view. Every chapter, you are left wanting to know more as if you were watching one of those Lifetime drama's. Only difference is, his story is real life and I'm glad he shared with us. ~ Daniel Nolen



Each of us, regardless of where we are from, are going through courses in life. Each experience, each action is a lesson for us to teach us and make us the person we were meant to be. The true test for any of us is to allow who we are and what we do to make us better, pushing us forward to the graduation at the end of our lives. In his powerful testimony G-MAN: The Education of a Criminal we see Gregory going through his courses in life making choices that will bring him power and all of the trappings of the streets as well as the problems that accompany him. As in school there are always consequences for "cheating", and by not choosing the best options in life Gregory skated through for a while, but ended up having to pay when he failed to do what was right.

Whether it was his association or just the decision to do wrong because it was convenient, he was taking the risk and reaping the instant gratification that came along with it. His travels took him across the country, but he was imprisoned in his mindset as to what it all meant. No amount of money or women could take away the target he was choosing to put on his back, and when his life was almost taken from him it became clear that there was more to life than just seeing what you could get. Marshall learned that you had to give as well. G MAN: The Education of a Criminal is a great reminder of what we can do in life if we put forth the effort, and the reward that can come from making the right decisions. We are able to see how life though not easy is better lived when you think past the short-term and focus on what really matters. ~ Cyrus Webb, Mississippi 


G Man was a calculated master of the hustling game on the streets of LA. His rise to power and the education he received while being incarcerated was very informative and served as a blueprint for his success as a hustler. The 80s and 90s were turbulent periods for a young black man with dreams. Gregory Marshall started out as a normal kid from the streets with dreams of making it big. However when we venture down the wrong path even if we have honorable intentions sometimes it can have grave consequences. This crisp and fast paced thriller was easy to follow and comprehend and gives a dramatic inside look into the education of a criminal. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of one man’s journey from obscurity to fame and back. I particularly liked the way the author brought it full circle and demonstrated that even as a feared criminal, he still had a human side. Although Greg had to die to live, he finally began to realize that he was given a second chance for a reason. It’s Funny sometimes how the things we sometimes take for granted can be so fulfilling and bring us the most joy. A Great story an even better book and I would highly recommend it to many of the troubled youth in our streets. ~ Robert “DJ Bass” Jones


Gregory Marshall's latest Book G Man The Education of A Criminal is just that, an education for those wanna be criminals & gangsters. He tells of a troubled childhood growing up in the crime filled streets of Cali, where he goes from being a petty thief to a class A felon doing prison time & facing the death penalty. This brother has one hellava story to tell and this book is just the beginning. For all of you fiction readers take a chance on this book & read a true story about a "Gangster & A Gentleman" for a change. ~ DJ Gatsby Book Club


Well, first of all, to anybody thinking about purchasing this book,go ahead - its a fantastic read. Its reminiscent of his comrades autobiography "Monster" by Sanyika Shakur. It’s really an in-depth look at his life as an fatherless child, women, infamous hustla, rise to O.G status, friendships, first love, family, commitment to being a good father, the fast lane, money, jewelry etc..He fine tunes every emotion within these aspects of his extraordinary life. I was kept entertained from the start to end and was on the edge of my seat a few times along the way. I enjoy real life stories - especially when one can identify with the author. I also enjoyed his memories of TuPac and kickin' it with Sanyika. The author is the older bro of "Big Serge" as referred to by Tupac. Big Serge is in a few of Tupac music videos "hollar if u hear me", "keep ya head up" and "pour out a lil liquor".  Author, Big Serge, Big Syke, Tupac, Monsta Kody come together through one man - the authors cousin "Mr. Watani". The author refers to him as one of his greatest influences and shares some wonderful stories about him. Money, power, drug lords, sassy lawyers, criminals, family, and God's intervention saturate this book entirely. Go get it. Much Love from New Zealand. ~ ~ Edward Uaki Tualasea, New Zealand


This book was quite entertaining yet educational for those of us trying to get a peek into the bad life. Reading about his life was like watching a really good movie with the perfect ending. ~ Trisha


This life story of a street soldier's redemption is one filled with sadness, pain, lust, and sin on one end; while including times of joy, humility, and forgiveness on the other. Gregory Marshall (Fati Shakur) is candid in his details and willingly brings the reader into G-Man's shoes in order to unselfishly share his life experiences with the world. Greg's story is unlike most because he flatlined three times on the operating table only to be saved by the God his mother constantly told him about as a child. This story of a thug's redemption is highly inspirational and one that must be read especially by the youth. My life has changed after reading this book. Will yours? ~ Michael Mitchell


Upon a friend’s suggestion I purchased this book. Not the typical genre of book I normally read. Within the first few pages I realized you should never judge a book by its cover. The story of G Man is a universal story of family, struggle, redemption, and faith. I couldn't put it down; I laughed out loud, I laid in bed weeping and gripped with excitement. I recommend this book and I can't wait for the movie. ~ Pamela Allen


I promise you when you pick this book up, you will not be able to put it down. I cried, laughed, and cried again. I had no idea my brother went through so much pain. The redemption is sho ‘nuff the work of God. Get a copy, you will never be the same and you will come away with a better understanding of urban youth...I promise you that. ~ Sharon K. Evans


I received this book February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. And I couldn't put it down. Not just because he is my son's father...but because it is the account of his life. It was on point, with no embellishing. As I was reading I had to remember to breathe. I read every chance I got, lunch breaks, when I came home from work, etc. It is very exciting, a real page turner. I hated for it to come to an end. In the middle, I asked if there was a part 2. He said "of course, I am in the process of writing now.” That made my heart happy. The ending is perfect. But you hate that it ends. I know that there is soooo much more in all his trials and tribulations, life and death decisions, through God's Grace and Mercy. Greg Jr. and I are joy-filled that his father made it to the other side and shared with the world, the life doesn't stop at hustling, and living street life. Very proud of the man that I've known since I was 15. Glad to see God work in his life, and show him his gift to write, and share with another. That God is good! ~ Tina Robinson, California


This was an amazing story. Not only was it a "chilling tale" but the evolution of small innocent boy to gangster was detailed and well told. It's like you’re watching it happen and can see not only the how but the why it happened. Marshall captures the essence of growing up in Inglewood, California at the time the gangland of the Crips and Bloods was emerging. This book also captures the essence of the black culture, the love of family, the struggles, education challenges, and why so many young men get sucked into this lifestyle because choices to go the other direction are just not evident. Marshall captured it stunningly! You will not be able to put this book down. ~ Michael S. Naggar (Mike)


I met Greg Marshall in 1994, a few months after he had been released from jail. This book is a true testimony of how only God could have brought him from being a street hustler to a great author. I saw Greg go through the pain of reliving his life with each chapter that he wrote. I saw him laugh and cry with the good and the bad parts of his past. The only thing that he kept saying as he wrote this book was" I want to make a difference in someones life.” Greg has opened his world of bad decisions, in hopes that someone will turn their life around. This book is a true page turner, a must-read from start to finish. Even though I already knew what was in the book I still couldn't put it down! ~ Lottris Clayborn


G Man: The Education of a Criminal . This the a real page turner. Gman is a very easy read, and keeps you wanting more up until the end. Gregory Marshall gives you an insightful, intelligent peek into the mind a fatherless black man. This emotional journey takes you from the hood to the house on the hill, all from the perspective of young man with a gangster mentality, but with the vision to know there is more to life. He gives a heartfelt account of growth from a fatherless child, to a man who recognizes and grows to know his true Father. A story of redemption and hope, I would recommend everyone add this one to your library. ~ Ramona Robinson


Mr. Gregory Marshall has much respect from me in his most telling and surreal life experiences shared in his book, The Education of a Criminal. Just to be here today to share his personal experiences in hopes of helping other youths stay away from a life of crime and fast money is a blessing. The book captures your interest the very minute you begin reading it and you will have difficulty putting it down. I recommend this book to all to read; it is a learning experience. Awesome memoir....Kudos to Mr. Marshall. Rosa Fitzpatrick, LMSW, Bronx New York.


I just finished Greg's book and I want everyone that reads this post to order it today, if you haven't already! This is the best book I've read in a very long time! It was riveting, sad, suspenseful and whenever I wasn't working I was reading this masterpiece! What a blessing! I'm going to tell everyone I know about G-Man!! It left me wanting more! I am sad I am done with it! I applaud you Gregory Marshall!! What and excellent read!! A best seller in your future, I predict!!! ~ Diane Tutt


This is a must read! I started reading this book and could not put it down. It is a story of faith, courage, and change. ~ Kesha Kat


There are so many stories like yours that never get heard but its easier for us to act like the world is not as bad as it really it is. Your story is moving, and something that can be learned from on a lot of different levels. Greg, you have lived a life that most of us only get to see fictitiously on BET or the Lifetime channel. A lot of people are blind to the reality that some people’s lives were a lot more difficult than others. I do wish you strength and praise to keep on your current path and keep finding a way to overcome obstacles like you do. I admire your ambition to make things happen and not let anything hold you back, even if its typing with one hand, you still made this book happen and it’s a good one. Real life is better than fiction and this book is no different. You are taken on a journey through the eyes of a person who went from a boy scout to a man and deals with all that falls in between, without the help of the one person who possibly could have changed his story, his father. At the end of this book you will appreciate the bravery Greg had to tell his story through his eyes and from his point of view. Every chapter leaves you wanting to know more as if you were watching one of those Lifetime dramas. Only difference is, his story is real life and I'm glad he shared with us. ~ Daniel Jooseman Nolen


Having this book in my possession and reading it cover to cover was like holding Greg's life and heart in my hands. This book is a riveting, frightening, blood-racing, spine-tingling, lusty, heart-warming masterpiece that I literally could not put down until I finished reading it. It opened my eyes and mind to a life that even movies didn't prepare me for, a true-life drama that plays out every day for someone's child. THIS is real life. To live this through Greg's experience touched me deeply, and to see his redemption and what he is doing now to help those families who are living this real-life drama - it makes me want to be a part of the solution to help our youth. This gripping story is definitely a best-seller! ~ Becca Wolford, Blaine Washington


I have not read a book that got my attention like your book in a very long time, it's so real-life I felt like I was in a true movie. I sure could relate to so much. God does put us into a place where we will stay still or else; you made me laugh and cry, and most of all I had hoped for a better life for you and your family. You have a big heart. I Love your Mom...'praying mommas' are the best! Keep the faith, can't wait for the next book!!!! I will be sharing G Man on my Facebook page. Be Blessed Gregory Marshall, I hope this book makes it to the big screen! ~ Sharon Marie Gorrell, Tehachapi California


My name is Brittni Wolford, and I'm 16 years old. As soon as my mom got this book in the mail, I immediately looked at it. I skimmed through it that night, thinking, "Oh, well..... I don't know if I would really like this." So I set it on the table and I left it alone for the night. The next morning, I woke up and this urge to read the book was gnawing at me. I grabbed the book and went to my bed, and dove in. I was literally sucked into this book. I laid on my bed and just read the whole book through. I read that entire book in that one day. I was completely zoned in; when my mom started talking to me, I just couldn't even hear her. I was in a little bubble reading this book. I was amazed at how much this man went through during his life journey. And I still read this book, start to finish, every so often. All I can really say about this book, and every encounter Greg went through, is WOW. I am SO waiting for the next book to see where it leads this time. ~ Brittni Wolford, Blaine Washington


Read a really good book...haven't read something so powerful in so many things you can relate to, so many things that make you go wow... we all have a story to tell ...Greg told his life journey...powerful words...I could even feel your pain when it came to being depressed .... this should be made into a movie! ~ Storm Turner, California


Mr. Marshall, I AM GIVING YOU A STANDING OVATION! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I had a hard time putting this book down. There were so many times I wanted to smack you, hug you, smack you and finally... give you one big hug. Thanks for sharing yo crazy azz life. You're still here for so many reasons, THANK GOD! :-) ~ Latricia Evans, Rialto California


G Man The Education of a Criminal...It is such a thriller, riveting, and keeps you hanging on to every word. I actually felt the emotions of Mr. Marshall as he tells his life story. Excellent reading, I strongly recommend this book for all ages, especially our teenagers and young adults. There is so much education from the street scene. Just think, this is his first novel - will be waiting anxiously for the next one. ~ Ms. Alice


G Man: The Education of a Criminal. This is book is Amazing!! I had the opportunity to meet Marvin Marshall recently who told me I had to check out his Lil Brother's book. The book came in the mail on a Wednesday morning; once I started reading it I couldn't put that book down until I was finished. I found myself getting angry at times because I wanted to read it faster! This book had me twisted - I read it before I went to bed, before work, during my lunch hour, while cooking dinner & over the weekend until I finished it Sunday night. This story took me on so many different emotional journeys, Greg's descriptions of the people and places were so vividly described it felt like a movie. I grew up during the same time period and areas in LA that are referenced in the book so it really hit home in a lot of places for me. All I know is that I'm ready for part 2, and the movie. Greg, thank you so much for sharing your story and your experiences. May God bless you and your Family! ~ Karen Bryant


This is just amazing. I’m sitting here holding ‘G Man: The Education of a Criminal’ in my hands. I remember about seven years ago my wife and I were in our North Hollywood apartment, with eyes wide open and mouths ajar, totally astonished while listening to Greg reminiscing the same events that are now in his autobiography. Realizing the impact that the recollection of his escapades had, he soon went about putting these accounts on paper. Quickly he had written a collection of stories which then progressed into his life-story. Witnessing that was incredible. But what’s even more unbelievable is the level of sophistication and deep articulation his book had. One would never have guessed he was a first-time writer. Skillfully written, G Man grabs you and pulls you into his world. So much, that one almost justifies his wild lifestyle. I would never dream of doing most of the acts Greg expressed in his book. Yet, I somehow feel as if it all relates to me. I’m reading these amazing stories as if I were there in person and I have empathy for Greg, even when he’s committing shocking crimes. After being shot and left for dead, then miraculously surviving, we see Greg in a new light. Then came redemption and a new life. I’m glad I met Greg in this stage in his life and not a decade before, when I could have been on the wrong end of his 44 magnum. I’m very fortunate to have Greg as one of my best friends ever. He has come a long way and I’m extremely proud of him. ~ Robert Manzanilla, Los Angeles CA