Get ready for the next book in the saga of my life’s journey.

City Within A City: My Life Behind The Walls will take you on a journey through the land of lost and forgotten souls. This is an up close and personal look at my life behind the walls of some of California’s most notorious prisons, places where deadly prison politics control the population inside - as well as the streets of South Central Los Angeles.


Watch my rise to power from a youngster in juvenile hall to a convict facing the death a place where only the strong survive. In this gritty true-life drama you will experience through my words the relationships between prisoners and guards, as well as the daily fight for survival in the toughest urban jungles imaginable.


From inmates to convicts to shot callers, City Within A City: My Life Behind The Walls tells about what REALLY happens in this hidden city where violence and hierarchies rule. Welcome to my true story of survival...part two in the G Man series.